Beijing National Day School

Beijing National Day School (BNDS) is a flagship Chinese public school which has embraced education reform. The school upholds a deep respect for its students, and has chosen to create an environment where the educational philosophy focuses on developing the whole student: emotional, social and academic. As part of the educational goals of the school, we train students in collaboration, global vision and gaining the ability to understand the multicultural world in which we live.


BNDS believes that teachers share the responsibility for shaping their students. The entire International Department has an excellent teaching staff comprised of more than 110 people. Our 72 foreign teachers come from the United States, Britain, and Canada, notable universities such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Yale University, Columbia University, Northwestern University, and McGill University. Many have extensive international teaching experience. Our Chinese national teachers have graduated from some of China’s top universities with advanced degrees in their teaching subjects, including 12 PhD graduates. Included on our staff are international and Chinese college counselors whose full time commitment is to help BNDS students learn about and apply to universities overseas.


Currently, the International Department provides three internationally recognized curricula: A-Level, AP and IB. Together, these curricula options provide a total of nearly 25 academic courses, more than 90 syllabus models. Likewise the BNDS Chinese curriculum offers an additional 30 comprehensive courses options, 74 vocational study courses and 272 club opportunities. Students in the International Department are also provided a variety of options to participate in 60 student union positions. The educational design for students in the International Department combines both Chinese and international curricula. The international teaching staff delivers its subject material in English, which according to students, helps them to adjust to different teaching styles and cultural differences. The students’ ability to adapt to these changes lays a good foundation for their university studies abroad. Through a wide variety of integrated activities, students build a platform for development, which provides them the tools to succeed in the future.


The mission of BNDS is to teach the students to contribute to their community, country and the world beyond. Cultural guidelines, curriculum reform, and teacher advising all help to motivate the students to achieve their highest potential. Students are encouraged to choose from a variety of required subject matter and sequential courses, as well as a diverse group of elective classes. In the classroom students are provided with an environment conducive to learning as well as an opportunity to broaden their global understanding.


Beijing National Day School

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No 66 Yuquan Road Haidian Dist
Beijing 100039


310 Students 10-12


Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma), United Kingdom


73 faculty members, including 30 host-country nationals, 30 U.S. citizens, 8 third-country nationals, and 5 U.K. citizens


Medical and airfare benefits are not provided for dependents (spouse or children) Our program is only grades 10-12 and there are no other K-12 International schools in the immediate vicinity.

School Year:

September – July

Year Founded:


Average Class Size:

Secondary: 18


Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Martial Arts, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball

Campus Information:

City (or closest city): Beijing, Location Type: Urban, Campus Size (hectares): 15.4, No of Buildings: 8, No of Campuses: 1, No of Classrooms: 60, No of computer labs: 6

Physical Facilities:

Art Room(s): 1, Auditorium(s): 4, Cafeteria(s): 3, Gymnasium(s): 3, Infirmary(ies): 1, Playing field(s): 2, Science lab(s): 10, Swimming pool(s): 1, Tennis court(s): 5, Air Conditioning: Yes