Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus

Beijing No.4 High School (“BHSF”) was founded in 1907 and is an exemplary secondary school of Beijing with top ranking among Chinese high schools. With over a 100-year history, excellent educational ideas and profound cultural tradition based on the humanities, BHSF is prestigious in China and overseas for its achievements in education as measured by the acceptance of students to top-tier universities and high value career pathways.

Since its establishment, BHSF has created unique and quintessential education traditions that have developed into a rich experience for its students.  It advocates professional ethnics among teachers based on the foundational idea that teachers influence, cultivate and educate students through their actions, morality, capabilities, ideology, sentiments, views and personalities. It supports the humanities that guide students to appreciate the beauty of literature, science and art in an effort to broaden the students’ minds. It advocates teaching methods, adopting creative teaching rules and innovative methods to inspire students to learn with initiative, to improve students’ overall abilities and achieve excellence in all aspects of their education and lives. These educational concepts still remain fresh and on the cutting-edge when being integrated into BHSF international education, which stands out in the international educational market.

Located 1.5 miles from the Forbidden City, BHSF currently has three campuses: junior high school campus, high school campus and international campus.  And there are totally around 3, 000 students, including more than 100 foreign students from 26 different countries. 


Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus

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No.2 Zongmaotoutiao, Xitiejianghutong, Fuxingmennei
Xicheng District
Beijing 100031


340 Students 7-12


Advanced Placement (AP), United States, BHSF Feature Courses


82 faculty members, including 61 host-country nationals, 15 U.S. citizens, 4 third-country nationals, and 2 U.K. citizens


Free breakfast and lunch at school. Annual physical check up. Paid winter and summer vacations.

School Year:

August – June

Year Founded:


Average Class Size:

Secondary: 20


Badminton, Basketball, Martial Arts, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, Yoga


Newspaper, Debate, Math, Biology, Architecture, History, Yearbook, Drama, Film, Dance, Basketball, Soccer, Art, Robotics, Law, Economics, Chemistry, Micro-Computer

Campus Information:

City (or closest city): Beijing, Location Type: Urban, Campus Size (hectares): 0.08743, No of Buildings: 1, No of Campuses: 1, No of Classrooms: 30, No of computer labs: 1

Physical Facilities:

Art Room(s): 1, Auditorium(s): 1, Cafeteria(s): 2, Infirmary(ies): 1, Playing field(s): 1, Science lab(s): 3, Air Conditioning: Yes