Al-Bassam International School

Al-Bassam Schools have been running schools in the beautiful seaside city of Dammam for more than 14 years now, it was founded by Al-Bassam Family who are highly trusted by the city community. The general supervisor who activity participated in designing their first campus and the whole program was an American married to a Saudi who worked in education in KSA for years. Both of them created a very effective unique approach where the culture is preserved and respected yet the learners still have good exposure to the world and a strong English program! A mixture that attracted a lot of parents throughout the years! Al-Bassam Schools are known for striving for excellence although the school is not as old as other private schools in the region it held a high rank against other older and bigger schools in the city and in the country. The owner and chairman operated a school in Qatar for years, he was exposed to a lot of international wealth of knowledge and practices in education in specific. A lot of that was brought in to Al-Bassam schools and became part of its culture! Al-Bassam went for quality assurance and quality control practices from the beginning, throughout the years the owners made sure the school is up to date when it comes to accreditation. We took things gradually but we sure do get them applied efficiently. And now, finally… and after all those years we are proudly ready to operate our first fully international campus.. Al-Bassam International School in Nuzha is a new very nice campus designed by an English company, the neighborhood is a prestigious yet friendly and the community is upper-middle class. Most of our parents are college-graduates with one or both parents speaking another language.. We’ve chosen IB-PYP for our International Campus! The reason is that it’s rigid highly acknowledged framework & its unique approach to openness combined with respect to the children backgrounds and set of values, which fits perfectly with Al-Bassam philosophy! Let’s talk School culture, we like to view our new small school community as a friendly and energetic one. Teaching and learning Oriented… Most teachers are experienced with a strong tendency to learn and progress. All our teachers are dedicated educators. The reason I’m saying that proudly that throughout the long process of choosing them. One of the first questions they were asked was to explain what their role as a teacher was?! 🙂 We do welcome new educators from other cultures and countries, they help in seeing things from another perspective and their new experience will hopefully add a lot to the overall performance of our team, although most of our teachers are Saudis and Arabs.. All of them were asked in their interviews if they would like to work with non-Arabs and they appreciated the new experience! The language abilities of those teachers differ but most of them will be able to communicate a short conversation! If you are into education and you see the importance of what we do in schools, let me assure you that you already share a lot with all of us!! ? Ok, finally I want to thank you for reading through that rather long story of ours and invite you to contact us and learn more?! Best Of Luck! Amani AlGhonaim Al-Bassam International School!


Al-Bassam International School

Location Category:

Middle East


Saudi Arabia


Dammam 31146
Saudi Arabia


318 Students PreK-3


International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP), National


40 faculty members, including 25 host-country nationals, and 15 third-country nationals


free internet
transportation , a round trip between school housing and school. a weekly free trip to a mall of choice!

School Year:

August – June

Year Founded:


Average Class Size:

Elementary: 22


Basketball, Volleyball

Campus Information:

City (or closest city): Dammam, Location Type: Urban, No of Buildings: 1, No of Campuses: 1, No of Classrooms: 26, No of volumes in Library: 12, 000, No of computer labs: 1, No of instructional computers: 130